Sannie and Mackenzie (c. 1975)

We are MOMS... actually one Mom and one Grandmom. The Mom (Mackenzie) is new at the job - her daughter Casey was born in 2002. The Grandmom (Sannie) has been at it since Mackenzie arrived in 1973. SO WE KNOW WHAT WORKS BECAUSE WE'VE TESTED IT ALL!

We have combined all that "hands-on" experience with a lifelong love affair with beautiful fabric and extensive sewing and design experience to create products which are both practical and beautiful.

With our "baby necessaries" line, we hope to fill a need for the ultrasoft and natural products that come closest to those sweet baby cheeks. In short, I'mStillME comes straight from the heart.

Although this venture is relatively new(January 2003), we are experienced business people who understand the importance of quality and service. EveryI'mStillME comes with a WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEE WHICH MEANS WE WILL REPAIR YOUR BAG IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM RELATING TO CONSTRUCTION.

Our mission is to make both Mom and Baby feel good about themselves. To that end we are constantly making improvements and designing "next generation" I'mStillME's. For FALL 2003, that means the introduction of a super new TOTE/BACKPACK and a wholesale line.

To ask questions or make suggestions just click on the CONTACT US link.

And, PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT US. A happy MOM is our best recommendation!

Enjoy every diapering moment with your little one!

Mackenzie Wright Sullivan
Sandra Wright